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The course in Academic Ethics and Integrity is taught by Prof. Mihai Emilian Popa and it deals with aspects of applied Ethics, Integrity and Deontology in Geology and Geophysics. The course is taught to graduate (master) students of Faculty of Geology and Geophysics, University of Bucharest. The course is also taught by Dr. Bianca Savu, from the Faculty of Philosophy. Students will submit online a short essay dealing with aspects of Academic Ethics, using the Turnitin portal. Passing the final exam implies more than 50% participation and the acceptance of the essay. The submitted essay using Teams/Assignments will be automatically evaluated for text similitudes through a Turnitin connection.

Schedule for the fall semester:
Will be nnounced. Meetings will take place in Lazarescu Amphitheatre, 6, Traian Vuia Street.

Teaching will be organized face-to-face, with a functional Teams class and a Whatsapp group opened for an easier communication between professors and students.

The course has the following general structure:
- correctly collecting and structuring the primary data for research;
- avoiding errors in interpreting primary data, according to deontological norms;
- academic fraud: definitions, examples;
- pagiarism and self-pagiarism, solutions for avoiding them;
- team researh, communication between team members and assessing individual contributions;
- analysis of previously published literature, citations mechanisms;
- publishing original research results.

- The essay is individual, it is 6000-10.000 characters (including blancks) and it has the following sections: title, author (name, surname), affiliation (University of Bucharest, Faculty of Geology and Geophysics, personal e-mail), abstract (few phrases regarding the subject), keywords (not more than five), main text (including citations) and reference list. The essay is written using Times New Roman fonts, 12p, arranged in two lines paragraphs, 2.5 cm margins, using MS Word, with numbered pages. Using diacritics is compulsory. All citations must be carefully checked for corresponding to the reference list, and the reference list, at its turn, must correspond to all citations.
- The subject must deal with Academic Ethics and Deontology (research and higher education).

Online submission of the essay using Teams
The essay will be submitted through Teams/Assignments, in connection with Turnitin. Master students who did not pass previous exams are encouraged to submit new essays.

References: laws (in Romanian language)
Legea nr. 206/2004 privind buna conduita in cercetarea stiintifica, dezvoltarea tehnologica si inovare, cu modificarile si completarile ulterioare.
Legea educatiei nationale nr.1/2011, cu modificarile si completarile ulterioare.
OMENCS nr. 3485 din 24 martie 2016 privind lista programelor recunoscute de Consiliul National de Atestare a Titlurilor, Diplomelor si Certificatelor Universitare (CNATDCU) si utilizate la nivelul institutiilor de invatamant superior organizatoare de studii universitare de doctorat si al Academiei Romane, în vederea stabilirii gradului de similitudine pentru lucrarile stiintifice.
Codul de Etica al Universitatii din Bucuresti.
International Ethical Guidelines for Health-related Research Involving Humans.

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